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  • Estate: Cascina del Pozzo

Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC "Caplavur" 2015 (75cl) - Cascina del Pozzo


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% From the same grape of Barolo, this wine is fruity and elegant.

Nebbiolo is the same grape used to make Barolo, only here we are in an area where wines are less suitable for ageing 5 or more years such as Barolo. These wines are fruity and intense and show a great deal of complexity, and only 7000 bottles a year are produced, making it extremely rare to find. No barrels are used in ageing process to preserve the purity of the fruit. With Nebbiolo’s delicate aromas but bold tannin, you’ll want to seek out less-gamey meats that have enough fat to absorb the ample tannin. The wine’s high acidity gives it the opportunity to match against higher acid foods with saltiness and perhaps vinaigrette-based sauces, but remember to balance by adding enough butter, fat or olive oil to compliment the wine’s tannin. Even though Nebbiolo is traditionally paired with Italian foods, it has been well-received alongside Asian cuisine with brown sauces and Asian 5-spices sauces.

Langhe Dolcetto DOC 2017 (75cl) - Cascina del Pozzo


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% An uncomplicated fruity wine that does not fail to impress.

Dolcetto are famous to be light and easy to drink: this version does not disappoint but also offers some complexity and a great quality. Only 10 thousands bottles of this wine are produced each year. Velvety and delicious, this wine might be one of your new favourite discoveries!