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  • Region: Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Refosco d'Istria DOC "Imà" 2010 (75cl) - Parovel


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% An intense ruby red colour with a similarly robust flavour. Black fruits and spicy undertones.

Refosco is a grape variety native to the Karst (Carso) area, whose name probably derives from rap fosc - dark grape in Friuli dialect. It has ancient origins and was especially popular in the nineteenth century. An intense ruby red colour, its flavour is similar to its robust colour. A spicy nose with evident notes of thyme and rosemary, it\'s also centred on wild black fruit - in particular blackberry. In the mouth, it has a distinct freshness; full-bodied and elegant despite a light sourness due to its terroir, with mineral notes of Mediterranean spice and liquorice. An impressive length on the palate, yet it closes on a nice clean finish.

Carso DOC "Hodi Terrano" 2014 (75cl) - Parovel


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% An indigenous grape with an intense ruby red colour, fresh, acidic taste and high iron content.

The Terrano is a native vine belonging to the family of Refosco, which runs through the Karst (Carso) region of northeastern Italy and its neighbouring Slovenia. Also known as the "blood of Carso" due to its intense ruby red colour, the red soil that the vines grow in is said to give Terrano wines their unusually high iron content. Open and spicy, it has a good aromatic intensity and a fruity, blackberry even, undertone. Intriguingly rich, structured and intense, with evident notes of mature berries, leather and toasted coffee. It has a pleasant "freshness" due to its natural acidity, grown on the typical terrano of the area and caressed by winds from the sea, yet with a clear minerality, a well-balanced body and an elegant, soft finish.