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  • Region: Sardinia

Silenzi Bianco 2018 (75 cl) - Pala


Silenzi Bianco is a white wine by Pala. It displays straw color with greenish reflections, medium intensity taste, lingering with floral and fruity notes.

It matches with fish starters, main courses and fish in general. Serve at 10/12° C.

Vermentino DOC ”In Vino Veritas" 2007 (75cl) - Tenute Olbios


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% “In wine is the truth” the ancient used to say and to us, quality does not lie. Vino Veritas is a white wine of Controlled Denomination of Origin that comes from Vermentino grapes in purity.

Full-bodied and important wine resulting from a long aging that aims to constant research that our cellar loves to do on Vermentino to catch and extract its multiple qualities. This wine, produced in a limited amount of bottles comes from a grape harvesting of a circumscribed area of our vineyards, characterised by an extremely sandy territory, not well-irrigated and exposed to the north-westerly wind. This gave the possibility of a healthy and natural overripe of the clusters on the plant and high concentrations of aromas and perfumes. From the beginning, we decided to reserve this batch for our connoisseurs. The long aging has been necessary to obtain a white wine evolved and intact, very structured and long-lived.

Vermentino di Gallura Superiore DOCG "Lupus In Fabula" 2017 (75cl) - Tenute Olbios


Buying the case of 6 bottles you will save 10% Elegant aromatic notes of white flowers and white fruits, with the slightly bitter aftertaste typical of the Vermentino di Gallura. A mineral, fresh, rich in natural acidity and salinity wine as a perfect combination with any aperitif, starter or an entire light lunch or dinner, where the flavours are delicate and balanced. (100% Vegan)

A Vermentino made in purity with a full taste and long persistence in the mouth and nose: the perfume of exotic fruits and flowers of the bushes. Fruity aroma in which cherry and mature oranges stand out, to end with the typical, slightly bitter of the Vermentino. And it is the passion, together with the will to preserve and protect all the quality, the aromas and feelings of the Lupus in fabula, that led to the choice, very particular indeed, of the innovative closure system: glass. A system where the gesture of opening (without corkscrew) assumes a different rituality, new but already complex and fascinating.This particular also reflects the researched simplicity that can be found in every choice of the Tenute Olbios.The quantity is, by choice, limited, so to preserve the best quality. And here are the particular characteristics of this Vermentino, treated like a precious perfume: the vineyard undergoes very little treatments; the grapes are pressed without previous rasping, the wine after a long fermentation at a controlled temperature and a clarification at cold undergoes only one filtration before the bottling that happens nine months after the harvesting and transformation of the grapes.