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Flour Gran Pasta (1kg) - Molino Quaglia


This flour was specifically created with fresh pasta making in mind!

The Molino Quaglia GRAN PASTA soft-wheat flour is easy to work and allows you to make a thin and stable pastry. Together with the eggs, the particular quality of this flour gives the dough a typical and persistent yellow colour. The pasta obtained has a good consistency, does not overcook easily and absorbs any type of sauces and condiments.

Fine Sea Salt (1kg) - Amato


Made using only traditional natural methods off the Apulian coast.

From the coast of Apulia, this coarsely ground Italian pure sea salt is great for adding to your favourite Italian dishes and has no additives, iodine or anti-caking agents. Pure and unique, made using only traditional natural methods it\'s perfect for use in a grinder.

Instant Polenta (500g)


Polenta is cornmeal boiled into a porridge and eaten directly or baked, fried or grilled. This instant polenta is ready in 5 minutes!

Polenta is an Italian word, derived from the Latin for hulled and crushed grain, especially barley-meal. It\'s usually served instead of pasta, rice or potatoes.