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Green Olive Spread (130g) - La Gallinara


An appetizing spread on cold meats, salads, toast and canapés.

A natural, Made In Italy, product. The green olives paté can be used as a delicious snack to pamper the palate or as an aperitif on croutons. It can also be used to flavor and create a tasty first dish of hot or cold pasta.

Alfredo's Chips Salt (35g) - Amica Chips


*Expiry Date 07/08/2019*

Hand-cooked potatoes with a touch of salt. Share them with your friends with an aperitif!

Special encounter between potato chips and gourmet. Chunkier and more crunchy. This is the Chef’s favourite Amica.

Black Olive chilli Spread (130g) - La Gallinara


The Black Olive and Chilly Pepper Spread is made of Black Olive Spread with the addition of the Italian chilly in order to make it more tasty.

A typical product of the Mediterranean diet, perfect for risotto and pasta; an ideal garnish on hard boiled eggs, fresh tomatoes or as a canapé spread.

Black Olive spread (130g) - La Gallinara


The Black Olive Spread is one of the most refined Ligurian specialties. The typical black-colored cream is composed by only 3 ingredients: black olives, extra virgin olive oil, salt. Olives are pitted and grinded in order to obtain a scented and homogeneous cream with a delicate taste.

It is ideal to garnish hard-boiled eggs and fresh tomatoes, or to be spread on toasted slices of bread. It can also be used also to season risotto and pasta. Great for vegetarians! To be simply enjoyed as an aperitif or used as an accompaniment to grilled meat or fish.

Truffle "Tartufaccia" Tapenade (90g) - Toscobosco


Perfect condiment or spread for mushroom and anchovies lovers! Ideal for pasta or crostini bread topping.

Perfect accompaniment to boiled meat and fish. Very good on red meat. The product has full-bodied taste, perfect for amuse-bouche and hot appetizers. Ideal condiment for fresh dishes such as salads and carpaccios. To be tasted on a simple dish of boiled potatoes or as a dipping sauce for vegetables.

Carasau Bread (250g) - Qui Sardegna


Very thin and tasty bread, made without preservatives. Ideal with cheeses, wines, salads or dips.

The original recipe of the carasau bread is very old and was conceived for shepherds who used to stay far from home for long time. Made from hard wheat bran, salt, yeast and water.

Tuna Paté with Olive Oil (90g) - Iasa


Only tuna and olive oil are used to give this paté a unique, delicate and unmistakable flavour.

Iasa have been working with tuna since 1980, which is now one of the company\'s most popular products. Caught tuna is sustainably caught from boats off the Amalfi Coast and is ready to be processed on site within a few hours, to ensure ultimate freshness and flavour. Carefully selected fish are then steamed and dried under vacuum to keep them as tender and flavourful as possible, with a luxurious silky texture. Perfect for appetisers and aperitifs. It is also delicious when spread on crispbread or used to fill fresh cherry tomatoes.

Hemp Seeds (100G) -Canapa Campana


Peeled sativa cannabis seeds exceptionally rich in healthy fats, protein and various mineral

The hemp seeds supply all the essential amino acids and contain polyunsaturated fatty acids of the Omega 3 and Omega 6 type in optimal ratio for feeding. They are a great source of protein source and contain high amounts of vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron.

"Ricca" Cheese Sauce with White Truffle (90g) - Toscobosco


**Expiry Date: 28/07/2019**

Rich, creamy and indulgent with alba white truffle.

A rich, indulgent Italian cheese sauce, enhanced with the most luxurious ingredient of all: Alba white truffle. This precious cream can be used to finish Italian dishes like a pasta or risotto, or add a little touch to the top of prime cut beef.

Alfredo's Ortolana Vegetables Chips (100g) - Amica Chips


*Expiry Date 10/08/2019*

Crispy and refined vegetable mix. Gluten-free and Vegan suitable.

Amica Chips mix of three root vegetables ( parsnips, beetroot, sweet potatoes) are thin cut, fried and crispy to meet your expectation if you are looking for a rewarding alternative to standard crisps. A portion of Alfredo\'s Ortolana chips corresponds to 1 of the 5 a day. Ingredients: vegetables in variable proportion 62% (parsnips, sweet potatoes, beetroot), sunflower oil, sea salt. Store: in a cool, dry place away from sources of heat. Gluten-free and Vegan suitable.

Artichoke Spread (180g) - La Malva Rosa


It\'s always artichoke season with this fantastic spread.

Artichokes can be tricky to prepare for their long peeling process, so Malva Rosa did all the hard work for you, and selected the best artichokes they could possibly find and made it into a creamy spread. Eat with an aperitif, served generously over bruschetta, or as the sauce for your pasta dish, for a truly Mediterranean taste.

Porcini Mushroom Spread (80g) - La Malva Rosa


Mushroom\'s natural umami taste transformed into a creamy sauce.

A mushroom spread is among the most versatile things you can have in the kitchen, and are a staple in many Italian kitchens. Porcini are one of the most aromatic varieties of mushrooms and make any dish stand out, whether it\'s a risotto, a stuffed vegetable or a quick mushroom crostini. So simple yet so indulgent.

Piadina Mediterranea (360g) - Morato


The unmistakable flavour of genuine ingredients of Mediterranean traditions make the Piadinelle Mediterranee the perfect base to experience the many different combinations in the kitchen. Suitable for vegetarians. **Each pack contains 3 piadinas.

Piadina is a traditional Italian flat bread typically from Emilia-Romagna. It\'s recognized as the most famous street food from this region. Regarding the preparation, they are usually served with cheese, ham, salad and mozzarella but you can create the combination you prefer! Also you can roll it or just close it like an "half moon". Best served hot.