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Gluten-Free Ghana Chocolate Bar 80% (85g) - Morandin


Gluten-free dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health. Made from the seed of the cocoa tree, it is one of the best sources of antioxidants on the planet…

Morandin loves to see chocolate grow. This is the reason why they start from chocolate beans of, at least , seven different provenance, from Ghana to Ecuador. And they adapt every flavour to a product to give it the best value: Pralines , simple or with liquors; dragés or gianduiotti. Or their classic chocolate bars.

Pure Pistachio Spread (200g) - La Golosa di Bacco


A handmade sweet pistachio spread obtained only from the finest Sicilian pistachio nuts. Completely natural, this spread is devoid of lactose and preservatives, therefore suitable for those with particular dietary requirements.

This is a fine spread of extraordinary quality for all those in love with genuine food. Let the taste and goodness of real Sicilian pistachio nuts inebriate your senses. This product is 100% natural and completely free from GMO, milk, dairy, emulsifiers, hydrogenated fats and palm oil.

Pistachio Cream "La Golosa" (200g) - La Golosa di Bacco


An extremely delicate and genuine pistachio spread in which the distinctive flavour of the pistachio nuts. Try a single teaspoon for 100% pleasure!

This Sweet spread is produced in a town called Bronte on the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily. The location is famously known for its type of pistachio “Bronte pistachio” due to the properties of the lava soil in which it grows giving it a fragrant taste. Excellent over bread, pancakes, or as a cake filling!

Fig Extra Jam (400g) - Vis


High Fruit Rate Fig Jam (65g per 100g) enriched with sugar and lemon juice.

Natura Golosa Fig extra jam is a tasty, genuine and natural preserve, for this it is perfect to transform in a party every moment of a day, starting from breakfast. Thanks to the 65% of fruit, Natura Golosa Fig Jam is a perfect mix of tradition and innovation: a new taste, able to conquer the most refined palates.

Soft Hazelnut Nougat (100g) - Barbero


Soft nougat with Piedmontese hazelnuts.

The "Gran Cru" bars of Torrone were born after meticulous research of the best raw materials and a long series of tests. We studied and drew inspiration from the different cultures and philosophies of artisan torrone production. Traditionally, this type of torrone comes from a lot closer to home, and has a much more crumbly texture than its nougat counterparts. This is required for Piedmontese tradition, as are the Piedmont hazelnuts from the company\'s hometown area of area of Mombercelli d\'Asti have been mixed with acacia honey from Masio. In comparison to our traditional recipe, we have replaced Millefiori honey and removed glucose and as flavouring, we used natural vanilla from Madagascar.

Easter Chocolate Egg with Surprise (150g) - Barbero


Artisanal made from seriously fine chocolate with a surprise inside to give you an extra excuse to indulge in this perfect Easter treat for your beloved (or yourself!)

Barbero enriched with taste and elegance Easter, producing top-quality eggs. In particular, this product is characterized by the use of fine chocolate, which melts in the mouth from the first tasting. Characterize the preparation sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter and cocoa mass, expertly blended by experts. The Barbero egg is encased in a stylish colored package with polka dots.

Extra Pear Jam with Ginger (240g) - Terra Aqua


This premium pear jam with ginger by is made with a selection of "Butirro" pears variety mixed with a pinch of ginger for a warming flavour A premium jam enhanced by the flavors and the aromas of the Sicilian land.

The extra pear jam with ginger reveals the flavors and aromas of Etna\'s land. On these slopes, in the area of Maniace, the cultivation of “Butirro” pears variety was born. The Butirro Pear, together with the Ginger Powder make a wise flavour combination! Terra Aqua is synonymous with natural, genuine Italian jams. These gourmet products, based on ancient recipes,originate from Sicilian monovariety fruits, selected in person and processed by hand at the right level of ripeness.