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Soft Wheat Flour “La Friabile” (1Kg) - Molini Lario


Soft Wheat Flour Type 00 ideal for biscuits, shortbread, tarts and sponge cakes.

This “La Friabile” flour of Molini Lario is obtained from a carefully selected soft wheat blending to support medium leavening preparations. The wheat used in this blend has low gluten content and is ideal for short leavening time and for the preparation of tender cakes and pastries.

Soft Wheat Flour “La Tutt’uno” (1Kg) - Molini Lario


Soft Wheat Flour 00 ideal for bread, focaccia and fresh pasta.

The “Tutt’uno” Flour of the line I Grani del Lago, is obtained by carefully selected blend wheat. The natural amount of gluten content in this flour is ideal for handmade dough. This characteristic, combined with a short kneading time, makes this flour ideal also for the production of fresh pasta.

Gluten–Free Flour n.1 for Pizza & Pasta (1kg) - Molino Quaglia


This unique flour will open up your world of gluten-free baking!

Ideal for the preparation of bakery products such as bread, pizza. It \'a product that is very versatile and workable characterized by a large hydration capacity. Glutinò is a product with exceptional and unique features for the preparation of products that also people who are allergic or intolerant to gluten can taste.

Flour Petra 3 for Pizza & Focaccia (1kg) - Molino Quaglia


**Expiry Date: 28/09/2019**

The ideal flour for the production of pizza and focaccia.

Pizza made withPetrais nice to cut and in to eat because the crust is thin and crispy, the inside is soft and tasty, the combination with stuffings more satisfying for the palate. You will appreciate the qualities of Petra even after chewing, because it leaves the palate clean and full of a sweet and round taste of wheat: an unique and essential characteristic for the combination with beers and fine wines. Pizza made withPetrais instinctively recognisable and if you try it once, you will want to eat it again!

Flour Panettone (1kg) - Molino Quaglia


Are you planning to bake by your self Panettone this year? No pressure, we can help you! Use this wheat flour type 00 grinded by cast iron cylinders, as it\'s perfect for the preparation of panettone, colomba, pandoro and great sweet leavened!

Wheat flour for panettone and leavened - wheat flour Strong flour , the result of the mixing of soft wheats naturally rich in gluten, studied for the production of leavened. In the long work in yeast she makes the best of its potential. Ideal for complex machining where you make several successive bodies and long rising (panettone, pandoro, dove and large leavened in general) and in which you add high amounts of fat or candied fruit. The protein composition ensures excellent elasticity and high extensibility and ensures a perfect seal and stability of the dough that expands with regularity without sagging, presenting a great development in both leavening phase and for cooking even in the presence of high quantities of heavy ingredients (raisins , candies, icing, etc.)

Flour Gran Pasta (1kg) - Molino Quaglia


This flour was specifically created with fresh pasta making in mind!

The Molino Quaglia GRAN PASTA soft-wheat flour is easy to work and allows you to make a thin and stable pastry. Together with the eggs, the particular quality of this flour gives the dough a typical and persistent yellow colour. The pasta obtained has a good consistency, does not overcook easily and absorbs any type of sauces and condiments.