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L'Antica Cascina can be found in the heart of the Romagna region, where cheesemaking is a longstanding tradition. Their fantastic cheese is aged in a 18th century villa, in traditional subterranean caves. 

L'Antica Cascina is also the winner of the Bellavita Platinum Awards 2015 in London for their pecorino "L'Ulivo". 100% artisan quality and among the best cheese you will try! Their fundamental value is ensuring they always use natural, fresh, raw ingredients with great detail applied to every step of their cheese's journey - from the collection of the milk to the packaging the product. Mixing modern technology with tradition, L'Antica Cascina's cheese is aged in an 18th century villa in traditional subterranean caves. Their pecorino "L"Ulivo" was also crowned the winner of the 2015 Bellavita Platinum Awards in London, with great taste and 100% artisan quality all made from natural ingredients.

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Spreadable Truffle Cream Cheese (100g) - L'Antica Cascina


Appetizing Cheese and Truffle dip: creamy and tempting.

The aroma of truffle is embraced by the lusciousness of the cheese: it can hardly get more lavish than this. Not only the "Crema Tartufaia" spread is very rich in flavour, but it is also very versatile. Spread it over a crostino or a bruschetta, or use it to cook your risotto or as a preparation for your sauces, either for your pasta or for meat and game. You will be delighted at how intense and penetrating the flavour is.

Pit Aged Cheese (250g) - L'Antica Cascina


This pit-aged cheese has a unique history and a delicate, sweet yet slightly spicy taste.

The technique for making formaggio di fossa dates back to the 15th century, and involves "burying" the cheese in ditch-like caves - fosse. The cheese matures around 60/70 days before being placed in these pits, which are also lined with straw. The pit remains closed for 90 days, meaning that the oxygen available to the cheese is limited, and thus anaerobic fermentation occurs. Recent studies on the product have shown that the cheese has many health benefits including a significant difference in the amount of pathogenic germs it carries, as well as greater digestibility due to bacteria that break dow fats and bring out the spicy flavours and typical pungent smell of aged cheeses. This is certainly one of Italy\'s most delicious cheeses: the flavour is delicate, almost sweet, and then becomes more spicy, with a slightly bitter aftertaste and an earthy odour. It adds a delicious twist to a variety of meals and is a true taste of Italy\'s culture. Try it in regional soups like cappelletti or grated over pasta, although it\'s also great on its own, paired with a little honey or balsamic vinegar, and perhaps a some bread or piadina. This version is made with both cow and sheep\'s milk.

La Capretta (100g) - L'Antica Cascina


Semi ripened goat\'s milk cheese.

Semi ripened goat\'s milk cheese, bloomy milk-white colour rind inclined to ashy, squared shape, border slightly round, soft creamy and white straw texture, delicately intense smell with hint of goat’s, aromatic taste. This product comes in vacuum pack.

Cacio Romagnolo (100g) - L’Antica Cascina


Semi ripened mixed cheese of cow\'s and sheep\'s milk

The sheep and cow milk chosen for this product lend it a mixture of flavours, creating this semi-soft cheese which was once a tasty extra on the tables of country folk. At the end of a meal, cacio was a special treat, eaten almost as a dessert, on the meagre tables of rural families. Even today it is still appreciated in this way in spite of the changing times. Its agreeable sweet flavour and almost buttery consistency make it melt in the mouth. This product comes in vacuum pack.

"Mini Tartufaio" Truffle Cheese (460g) - L'Antica Cascina


Cheese and truffle combined together makes for a strong flavour that needs no accompaniment.

Made from cow\'s and sheep\'s milk, this semi-hard cheese will disappear very quickly once opened. Truffle and cheese is simple, yet luxurious and the earthy, mineral aroma of the truffle is perfectly married to the deep, grassy flavour of sheep\'s milk. Its strong, distinctive flavour makes this truffle cheese the ideal product for those who love the flavours of Italy, and goes well as part of antipasti, where it can reap all the attention.

"Mini Affumicato" Smoked Cheese (400g) - L' Antica Cascina


Small semi ripened sheep’s milk cheese slightly smoked, processed with smoky taste, nut colour smooth rind, white colour texture with little holes, intense smell, characteristic and blended taste, with a pleasant aroma of burned wood

The technique of smoking cheeses dates back to remote times. Smoking was used to preserve meat and fish so that it could be eaten during the winter when other natural resources suitable for food preservation such as salt were not available.This cheese offers a distinctive fragrance of woodland and burnt wood which brings back pleasant recollections of the smell of the hearth and the atmosphere when the grandparents would sit next to it to rest, eating a good slice of cheese. An ancient flavour that is particularly appreciated by gourmets and gourmands.

"Fuochino" Semi-Aged Cheese with Chilli (500g) - L'Antica Cascina


Slightly spicy, yet balanced out with its creamy, semi-mature sheep and cow cheese.

An ideal product for those who love spicy flavours! A semi-mature sheep and cow cheese, opulent in flavour, a creamy paste with added chilli flakes. It has a slightly spicy flavour that makes it perfect as appetisers or combined with meats such as chicken, pork, beef.