Salamino Ghiottolino (180g) - Bedogni


Product made from minced cuts of pork from heavy Po Valley pigs (whole bellies, ham trimmings, shoulder), cured with salt and spices before being stuffed into natural “torto bovino” beef casing. After being filled into casings, the product is left to dry for around 48 hours, before being left to mature in the factory for at least 15 days.

Eat at different maturation stages depending on personal taste (softer and creamy after a short maturation, drier with more intense aromas and flavours after advanced maturation). Cut into slices around 2-3 mm thick and remove the casing before consuming. Eat a few minutes after slicing, to encourage the typical flavours to emerge. Restricted consumption is recommended for those on low-calorie diets or who suffer from high blood pressure, due to the presence of saturated fatty acids and high salt content. There are no restrictions to the use of this product for those sensitive to the presence of allergenic substances (as defined by current legislation), due to the lack of these substances in both the ingredients and the finished product.

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Ingredients: Pork, salt, sucrose, spices, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate (E301), wine, garlic, preservatives: potassium nitrate (E252), sodium nitrite (E250). **Free from allergens, GMOs,


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