Clementine Sparkling drink 'Prima Spremitura' (33cl) - San Benedetto


Non alchholic carbonated soft drink with reduced caloric value with sugars and artificial sweetener, made with Italian clementine fruits.

San Benedetto rediscovers true traditional values with a line of high quality sparkling drinks with no added sugar, derived from Italian citrus fruits, specially selected to provide a unique taste experience. An Italian Passion, which embodies San Bendetto's commitment to quality and to offer the best since 1956.


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Ingredients: Water (q.b.), clementine juice (12%) from concentrate, sugar (4.5%), carbon dioxide**, fructose (0.5%), acidifying agent: citric acid (0.28%), preservative: potassium sorbate (0.02%), salt (0.02%), antioxidant: ascorbic acid (0.02%), artificial sweetener: sucralose (0.0122%), flavourings (present), stabilizer: E445 (0.007%), colouring: beta carotene (0.00024%).


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