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With an aroma of wormwood and hints of bitter herbs, Punt e Mes is a vermouth in its finest form.It can be served straight up, used to make red Martinis, mixed with gin to make classic Italian cocktails like Negronis and Americanos, and it is also excellent when served with fruit juices, sparkling mineral or tonic water.

Punt E Mes was created by Carpano in 1870 and its popularity soon ousted bars' other vermouths. Punt E Mes means in Turinese dialect "point and a half", referring to the flavor being characterized as one point of sweetness and a half point of bitterness. It is made by adding more than 10 different herbs and spices, including orange peel and quinine, to a blend of dry white wine. It is traditionally served in a tumbler over ice with the merest splash of soda and slice of orange. it should be accompanied by a piece of dark cocoa-rich chocolate. Antonio Benedetto Carpano set up his wine bar in the Piazza Castello, in the center of Turin. Soon after opening, he set about creating a new drink to better suit delicate palates than robust table wines of the region. in 1786 he launched Carpano. This was the first commercial vermouth and was basically a dry white wine, lightly fortified with alcohol, sweetened and flavored with an infusion of aromatic herbs.

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Ingredients: wine, sugar, natural flavors, alcohol, water, preservative: SULFUR DIOXIDE.


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